Astralwerks Records

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I was the one-woman design/advertising/merchandising department for this Independent Record Label from 2001-2004. I designed and produced loads of projects including CD samplers, consumer ads, one-sheets, invitations, posters, postcards, and stickers. Below are some of my favorites.
Winter Music Conference Invitations – 2004 and 2002
Role: Creative direction, illustration, design, production
These were invitations for the Astralwerks WMC parties in Miami. The top one was a night time party inside a club and the bottom card was a daytime pool party at a beach club; the colors communicate the respective vibes.
Astralwerks 2003 Music Sampler
Role: Creative direction, design, production
Originally made for the SXSW music festival, ths cover art utilized the Astralwerks logo as a primary image, and aimed to communicate the more Indie music feel of the artist contained on the CD.
Various Astralwerks Ads
Role: Ad planning, Design, production
Above are four of the myriad ads I created during my time at the label. Ads ran in publications from Spin and Rolling Stone, to Jane, Urb, and Mother Jones.