T-Mobile Launch Kit

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A kit sent to all T-Mobile stores to introduce them to the Belkin brand, and to launch the Mixit line of metallic cables and chargers. The launch kit was landing around Spring Break, so I was inspired by the idea of a travelogue, or road map. I used each color to tell a story of a regional road trip. We included a tip about the product on each page, as well as a user interview to emphasize that Belkin makes People Inspired Products.

The package features a sleeve; when removed it reveals instructions and the catalog. When that is removed, 3 stacks of postcards, representing each color sit on top of boxes. The postcards are covered by sleeves that say “Take Me?;” When the sleeves are removed the full question “Where Will You Take Me?” is revealed. This is a question about the postcards as well as the products underneath. Each product is in its own box, which can be passed around and displayed.

The kit package was designed by Eric MacDonald.

  • Client: T-Mobile