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Sharon Levy Design

Modular Trade Show Booth for Electronics Education and B2B

In 2017 I was tasked to redesign the trade show booth used for the Belkin Education team. 
The design I created was modular, and it was used for multiple shows, with the pieces reconfigured as needed. 

ISTE 2017

For tech's most important educational tradeshow–ISTE, the Tech in Education Show–our booth was doubling in size from 2016.  

• The center piece was a column that could be used for display and serve as the towering booth sign. 

• Attached tables served as demo areas and storage.

• Side columns served as demo spaces, housed videos, and storage units.

• Small stools added sitting space for meetings and served as storage.

The results were phenomenal! Booth traffic, and sales leads increased exponentially.

ISTE 2018

For ISTE 2018, the center column displays were refined, the printed column signs became digital, the stools were removed, and a charge bar was included. 

Infocomm 2018

In 2018 the booth was used by the B2B team for the Infocomm tradeshow, which focuses on LED displays and high quality AV technology. 

• For that, the printed signs were traded out for digital signs. 

• The corner columns were replaced with three tables, highlighting the three environments that the displayed product would live - desktop, conference room, public workspace. 

• Two charge bars were added to display wireless charging, and as a place to hold meetings.

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